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Global development program.
The beginning of a new civilization.
Synergy! Innovation! Futurism! Uniqueness! Accessibility!
Net income in excess of $ 125 billion per year.
More than 1000 components and relationships!

Soon! Thesis Amazing! For investors Where? Author - you! Leaders?
The answer to all questions. The solution to all problems.
The world has started to change.

The new world will not be better or worse.
Our world will be completely different.

Another financial system.
Another structure of civilization.
Another principles.
Another economic concept.

It was about that future you dream of!


The capital of the world updates

A window into the future

The first cross-border,
supranational city

City of dreams

Source of the global reform

The beginning of a new civilization

Global innovation and investment centre

Unique organizational, financial, economic formula

Net income in excess of
$ 125 000 000 000 per year

Global regulator of consumer demand

Live marketing


The philosophy of the project is applied

The most important is not the technology but the people.

People are the source of demand, the initiator of the innovation the consumer of the results.

Synergy. Convergence.

The union in a single formula of many types of activities = fold increase of efficiency, profitability, productivity.


A new economic model.
A new financial model.

Perfect tax formula - motivating and stimulating the development.

Full inclusiveness in the world with existing systems.
Support and assistance to upgrade them.

A paradise for investors - the world's best projects, the guarantees, the creation of markets, increase sales.


The global centre of future world creation - development, implementation, operation, promotion.

Unique marketing - the materialization of the dream of each other.

The maximum concentration of innovations - technical, social, economic.
Paradise for all inventors.

Effective and replicable model of futuristic community.


Unique innovative model.

A constant source of global progress - from idea to large scale implementation.

A model feature is always in the future, always about the future.

For the first time in the history of mankind - the author of the project will be the whole world.

Materialization and monetizing the collective dreams of mankind.


Information for media and other public resources.

The uniqueness of the media concept PANGEA - exclusive complex of creative, organisational, thematic, marketing solutions.

New broadcast presentation, interaction and motivation of the audience.

A unique source of action, intrigue, emotions and surprises.


Klondike for directors, writers, producers.

Brand new formats and new solutions for existing.

An endless source of stories, events, characters, emotions.

Paradise for creativity and creating of movies with the highest popularity.

Each frame created here will become part of world history.

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In this town no high-rise buildings

In this town no apartments
This city - above any metropolis

This city is visible from any point on Earth
This city is located on an area of 77 square miles
The size of this city exceeds the territory of more than 100 countries
In this city will live 30 thousand people
and, at the same time...
In this city will live more than 150 million people
Anyone can become a resident of this city,
regardless of the financial capability and citizenship
50% of inventions in the world will be created in this city.

In this city, will employ about 100 companies.
The economy of this city will cover more than 100 thousand companies.

Activities - on Earth and beyond Earth.
Every day this city will be visited 20 thousand tourists
and, at the same time...
Every day this city will be visited 2 million tourists
old age
- never!
age - 70 years

perfect body

new life
age - 75 years
energetic life up to 120 years
or more
age - 80+ years
the birth rate in this city is a hundred times higher than the average for the planet
every woman dreams of her child was born in this city
No - credit cards!
No - cash money!

A new system of financial circulation.
No passports!
No identity cards!

The new system of identification of a person.
In this city combined the most advanced technology and life in the natural environment
In this city - a global center of knowledge and ideas
Source of information - in space
In this city - the global centre of a new format of education
For investors

Now formed a pool of investors of the first level.

The first level in the pool of investors - is the right of ownership in the future managing company of the project Pangea.

It is the highest level.
This is the most profitable level.

Profitability for investors the first level - is over 250%.

The author of the project Pangea - Oleg Lark - considers the candidates of investors.

Are you ready to become a co-author of the project of Pangea?

Are you ready to devote his life to creating a new world?

Your resources and experience are sufficient for a global project?

Are you ready to be among the creators of the new Earth?

The Pangea project - is an unusual concept, is non-standard.
It is a synthesis of many techniques.

So it's beautiful and the most realistic.

Investment in the project Pangaea - is an investment not a separate inventions, no.
This investment in the cluster, where create invention.

This investment in the future of planet Earth!
Therefore, your profit will be in each element of the future world!

For the investors of the first level:

5 vacancies,

90% of ownership in the managing company,

5-year investment period,

The right to vote in the election of the board of directors,

Realistic entrance fee.

Project Pangea is the most transparent and inclusive project in the world!

Our concept provides a global audience - of over 2 billions people.

In the creation of the Pangea project will involve hundreds of millions of people.

And... it's not just the audience.
It is the buyers and consumers of all that is created by the Pangea project!

Project Pangea is the most ambitious and interactive project in the history of mankind!

At the start, the project will involve more than 100 countries in the world.

We cover all aspects of human activities that already exist today.

We create new products, technologies, standards and principles - for the future of the world.

Project Pangea - on absolutely favorable conditions for all participants: for each person, company or state.

We create a new economy.
But! We are not destroying the old economy - we help to solve existing problems.

Project Pangea creates the conditions for intensive development of the world economy.

Project Pangea provides the world economy development without crises.

Project Pangea is a source of positivity!

It's a combination of games, film, television shows, online broadcasts.

You remember "Pleasantville"? You remember "Farscape"?
These and other fascinating stories will be part of the project Pangea.

The Pangea project connects the dreams of hundreds of millions of people.
From the first day he attracts the attention of the world.

Project Pangea is the source of the most advanced inventions and new technologies!

It is a global centre for scientific research.

Here the most favorable financial conditions for research.

Project Pangea is a global marketing and the insurance investment in the invention.

Important! The Pangea project also creates a new economy - beyond the Earth, in space.

You want to know more details about the Pangea project?

You want to know the criteria for investors the first level?

You want to know - how the project Pangea will earn net income in excess of $ 125 billion per year?

You want to know - how the Pangea project will bring together billions of people, will become their dream and the entrance to a better future?

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